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(Spittin' Chiclets/X)

Not Even Renowned Flasher Could Save Oilers, As Much As She Tried

The Edmonton Oilers flasher signed with Playboy but could not save her favorite team in Game 7. She did try, however, predicting that they would steal the Stanley Cup championship despite a 3-0 series hole.

But alas, the Oilers lost a close one to the first-time champion Florida Panthers, 2-1, in Florida, in the closing game. And what a game it was. What a series. And what a win for the Panthers, who were once broke and in danger of relocating to Quebec or some other faraway place.

Anyway, back to the flasher. That's why you're here, right?

She did pick her Oilers to win ... Game 7 ... from the shower. It was a winning pick, so many will tell you, even though she was wrong. Kait, as she has become known, signed with Playboy earlier in the day. Then the Oilers lost.

"So I was talking with my good buddy Biz over at Spittin' Chiclets," she said in the clip posted by Spittin' Chiclets on X. "And he said: 'What do you think's gonna happen tonight, Kait?' I said: 'You don't even have to ask, Biz.'

"'Without a doubt, McJesus (Connor McDavid) is gonna lead the Oilers to a victory, and the Cup is coming back to Edmonton.'"

The shower featured a sign that read, "Reserved parking, Oilers fans only," the video revealed.

"Hey, ya bunch of beauties, what's going on today?" Kait asked to open the video. "You guys liked my last thinking place so much that I thought I'd share another one with you — the shower.

"I come here to get my most important decisions made [and] have a little drinky-poo [every] once in a while."

It was a nice try but fell flat. The prediction we mean. Everything else was a success.