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Oilers Flasher Joking About Conn Smythe Trophy Doesn't Sit Well With Some Fans

The Edmonton Oilers flasher who's become among the biggest names in the NHL joked that she should've won the Stanley Cup trophy — and of course, some fans expressed great annoyance.

After all, they take the game very seriously. But there's hockey ... and there is a hockey "influencer." The goal of both is to go viral, make money and put out a winning product. Or something like that.

Anyway, the flasher known as Kait Flynn is he is showing no quit. Not only did she predict that the Oilers would win Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals from the shower (she was wrong), she hailed herself as Cup MVP.

The award, known as the  Conn Smythe trophy, actually went to Oilers star Connor McDavid. Well-deserved. But Flynn may have deserved at least a share of it, in the eyes of some. She undoubtedly helped bring extra notoriety to the NHL and the Oilers.

Oilers flasher

(Kait Flynn/Instagram)

After the Oilers had lost, 2-1, to the Florida Panthers in Game 7, Kait was at it again.

It took place in her Instagram Stories, where she shared a slideshow of inspiring messages, including a mock reel in which NHL commissioner Gary Bettman awarded her the Conn Smythe.

"For the first time in NHL history, we are giving the award to a fan," an AI-generated clip of Bettman says. "The winner of the 2024 Conn Smythe trophy is Kait Flynn, otherwise known as 'Oilers Girl.' When the Oilers were down three to nothing in the Stanley Cup finals, she whipped out her jugs and sent this Edmonton team into a frenzy. Please, everyone, join me in congratulating Oilers Girl!"

Per the Toronto Sun:

"Along with the meme, Kait shared highlights from the hard-fought series and other words of wisdom following the heartbreaking loss, including a note urging followers to 'stay kind and keep loving life.'

"She also thanked the team for inspiring the city and a nation during the Oilers' incredible two-month long playoff run."

The fans who got angry over her Conn Smythe comments seemed happier after hearing her thank the team.

Either way, say this month for Kait. She knows how to go viral and how to stay relevant. That much, we can be certain.