Edmonton Oilers flasher

Oilers Flasher Returns To Regular Job After Posing For Playboy

Now that Edmonton Oilers flasher Kait Flynn has posed for Playboy, you can't help but wonder if her 15 minutes of fame are up.

She has, after all, reported back to work, as relayed by the Daily Mail.

Flynn is believed to work for a company that provides solutions for oilfield hauling in Alberta.

"The Oilers' most infamous fan is back at work after inking a Playboy deal off the back of her viral success," the outlet wrote. "Kait Flynn took to Instagram on Wednesday following Edmonton's Stanley Cup loss to the Florida Panthers, sharing a pic of herself heading to work in the oil fields."

She captioned the snap, "Happy hump day."

The Oilers' most famous fan "switched her Oilers jersey for a graphic tee," the Daily Mail wrote. "She also rocked a pair of unzipped overalls and added a trucker hat, as she styled her hair in two braids."

This is just her latest foray into telling people what's up in her life.

After the Oilers had lost, 2-1, to the Florida Panthers in Game 7, Kait was at it again.

It took place in her Instagram Stories, where she shared a slideshow of inspiring messages, including a mock reel in which NHL commissioner Gary Bettman awarded her the Conn Smythe trophy.

"For the first time in NHL history, we are giving the award to a fan," an AI-generated clip of Bettman says. "The winner of the 2024 Conn Smythe trophy is Kait Flynn, otherwise known as 'Oilers Girl.' When the Oilers were down three to nothing in the Stanley Cup finals, she whipped out her jugs and sent this Edmonton team into a frenzy. Please, everyone, join me in congratulating Oilers Girl!"

Say this much for Kait. She knows how to go viral and how to stay relevant. That much, we can be certain. But she also has to get paid at her regular job.