Edmonton Oilers Fan

Fans React To Edmonton Oilers Supporter Who Revealed Chest: 'Don't Appear To Be Real'

A mysterious Edmonton Oilers fan who revealed her breasts during a playoff game against the Dallas Stars is all the rage on the Internet. In fact, one website — of the adult variety — wants to hire her, per TMZ.

Needless to say, she has become an icon of sorts, even though no one seems to know who she is. And when it comes to hockey and breasts, it appears everyone has an opinion.

"Are those a real pair? Need the HD version haha," wrote one user on Reddit.

"Don't appear to be real," answered another.

"No you can tell they are fake, but damn if they aren't perfect," added third.

So yeah, the jury remains out on both the female and the authenticity of what she revealed.

Now, many are claiming they know who the female is, but are keeping her identity a secret. Why, we have no idea. If she's doing that at a game, clearly, she has no shame.

"I work with the girl who did this should I give out her name? She deleted all her socials," claimed one user.

But yes, per TMZ, the girl has received an offer from at least one adult website. If the owners of that site can find her.

"The spokesperson said they believe her boobs 'were made for porn' — and are offering her a place on their famous PornDudeCasting set," TMZ wrote. "Of course, they're not the only ones in the market for the woman's services ... Camsoda tells us it's offering her up to $100K to 'show off her chest just as she did the other night' on one of their streams."

So, real, not so real, whatever. People just want to know if she is even real at this point.

On the bright side, all most Oilers fans care about is the fact their favorite team is headed to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in 18 years. Game 1 is on the road against the favored Florida Panthers on Saturday.