Subban sticks up for Kessel, likes his 'personality'

The Maple Leafs' Phil Kessel has taken a lot of heat this season, especially in the media.  One person who thinks people should lay off of Kessel is the Canadiens' P.K. Subban. Subban had this to say about Kessel to the Montreal Gazette,

"I don't think Phil (Kessel) gets enough credit for his personality. If you put a microphone in (Kessel's) face and ask him stupid questions, he's not going to show that (personable) side of himself. I don't think (Kessel) gets enough credit for showing his personality. He's an outgoing guy and he's really funny."

It's okay, because he's funny. You don't think he plays hard defense? Relax he's funny. You say he isn't living up to his contract? Don't worry, he's great at a party.  Don't think he gives max effort? That's cool players on the other team love his personality.

Who knows, maybe with that great personality Kessel will have a chance at a solid career after he retires from the NHL. Maybe in the...... media?