This NHL coach is tough as nails, takes a puck to the head, opens a nasty gash, and acts like it's nothing

I don't know what gave him a bigger headache --- this or his team's performance

Barry Trotz just passed the audition in the "Toughest Coach in the NHL" competition.

The coach of the Washington Capitals took a puck off his bald head, and it opened up a nasty gash. You can tell, from this picture, he's not happy:


YouTube Screen Shot

The incident happened during the Capitals - Toronto Maple Leafs game. A puck deflected off the skate of the Washington defenseman Karl Alzner, and ricocheted toward the Caps' bench —- and Trotz's head.

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So Trotz —- tough guy that he is —- shrugged it off , stayed behind the bench and gave a classic response:

If the puck didn't cause a headache, his team's performance sure did. Washington lost, 4-2.