Was the Patrick Roy/Montreal Canadiens break-up the NHL's worst?

What would Valentines Day be without thinking about our worst breakups? With the Evander Kane saga coming to an end for Winnipeg, it makes us think what was the ugliest breakup in NHL history? It's hard to narrow it down to a worst because there are plenty that come to mind.  A few that come to mind are Danny Heatley and the Senators, there was Darryl Sittler ripping the C off his jersey in Toronto, Kovalchuk leaving the Devils for the KHL, and Brendan Shanahan becoming the most hated player in Whalers history.

However we are giving the award for nastiest breakup to Patrick Roy and the Montreal Canadiens because when it happened it felt not just like he was breaking up with the team, but the fans and the city as well.  Not only that, but the big break happened very publicly and very bitterly. Roy won two cups and three Vezinas with the Canadiens and he was at the top of his profession, but when new coach Mario Trembly came along it all changed.  He and Roy did not get along, with rumors of verbal and physical altercations between the two swirling.

It all came to a head at this infamous Red Wings game.

The Canadiens were blown out 11-1, Roy gave up nine goals and felt he was left out there to be humiliated by Tremblay.  When he was pulled Roy brushed by Tremblay, approached Canadiens team president Ronald Corey and told him he'd never play another game for Montreal. Ouch.  Four days later Patrick Roy was a member of the Colorado Avalanche.

What do you think? What is your worst NHL break-up?