Kayla Simmons, Volleyball, Olympics
(Kayla Simmons/Instagram)

No, Volleyball Influencer Kayla Simmons Will Not Be In Olympics

Despite some buzz on social media, Kayla Simmons will not be playing beach volleyball at the Olympics in Paris later this month. Most fans don't care about whether Simmons would help the team. They just want to see her on the beach.

And yes, beach volleyball is an Olympic sport. It kicks off July 27 and runs through August 11 (full schedule). But again, Simmons won't be there.

Rumors surfaced after Simmons shared a video of a beach volleyball match on social media. She actually played collegiately for Marshall.

Kayla Simmons, Volleyball

(Kayla Simmons/Instagram)

"In just 18 hours since the post has been up it's already racked up over 14,000 likes and hundreds of comments. Simmons is no stranger to creating viral content, though," wrote Andrew McCarty of The Spun. "Earlier in the week she shared a new swimsuit photo that racked up nearly 30,000 likes."

She also has over one million followers on Instagram. So the fact her videos tend to go viral is no surprise.

"Simmons isn't just a volleyball influencer, either," McCarty wrote. "She was an AAU All-American in high school and selected to the USA Volleyball Women's Junior A1 Team."

Now, she's turned all that into an actual career. Basically, you can't go pro in volleyball but Simmons has found a way to make the sport her livelihood.

As for potentially winning a gold medal at the Olympics, though ... well, that's not in the cards.

Simmons is one of many in the growing game of sports "influencers," joining the likes of Paige Spiranac (golf), Mikalya Deimater (hockey) and the girl who flashed the crowd at an Edmonton Oilers game (also hockey). That last one, known as Kait Flynn, recently signed a deal with Playboy.