During an interview with, WWE superstar Braun Strowman revealed that chairman Vince McMahon has taken him on as “his project” during his main roster run.

At the end of the day, a lot of it is Vince, he is very hands on with me and has taken me on as his project,” Strowman said. “He has some crazy ideas and I’ve never once questioned anything that Vince has wanted me to do, because I know he wouldn’t ask me to do something he wouldn’t do himself.”

Strowman has emerged as one of Monday Night RAW’s top performers since separating from the Wyatt Family in July 2016, assuming the moniker of “monster among men.”

McMahon has been known to prefer superstars of similar stature, which Strowman acknowledged that helped him catch his boss’ attention early in his WWE career, despite making the transition from NXT to the main roster with little in-ring experience.

Vince is very keen on the larger than life human beings, especially because of the shock and awe value. Even before I was a WWE Superstar, when I walk into a room I don’t care who is in there, I take focal point. People stop what they’re doing to look at me when I walk in, and now they can put a name to it. That’s been a huge factor in WWE since the beginning of the company. It’s a huge favour for me that I’m larger than life and having these genetics and the look that Vince likes.

But it’s more than a look, there’s a lot of guys that look big and tough but being able to put that into play in WWE is difficult. Being able to go out there night after night and work with people and not injuring and hurting people, that was a big thing when I first came in that I had beat into my head from developmental.”

During the past year, Strowman has emerged as a fan favorite through major feuds with the likes of Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar and other top superstars, which included a No. 1 contender’s match for the Universal Championship against Kane on Monday’s episode of RAW, ending in a no contest.

That doesn’t seem to change any time soon, especially with him excelling under McMahon’s watchful eye.

Rising WWE star says Vince McMahon has taken him on “as his project” Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images
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