WWE Battleground 2017 Great Khali Randy Orton Jinder Mahal @WWE/Twitter

The Great Khali returned at the end of WWE Battleground to help Jinder Mahal retain his WWE Championship in the Punjabi Prison match against challenger Randy Orton.

After Orton had laid out Mahal and his stooges, the Singh Brothers, it was Khali who returned to shake the challenger from the top of the cage, then he held him in a choke as Mahal escaped over the top to retain his title.

The Singh Brothers were the difference-makers yet again, appearing midway through the bout from underneath the ring to help Mahal escape through the door of the first section of the Punjabi Prison.

As Mahal made his escape over the second half off the cage, Orton hurried up the first cage and leaped to the second cage to meet Mahal at the top. Both men fought down the cage and back into the padded outside-the-ring area.

After dueling with a kendo stick, Orton appeared ready to escape only for a Singh brother to meet him at the top of the cage. He held Orton up, but was punched violently from the top of the cage through an announcer’s table.

That holdup provided Mahal an opportunity to catch Orton at the top of the cage and bring him down yet again.

Orton would eventually gain the advantage, but it was Khali who ruined his night.

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