It looks like the Hardys will return to WWE if they can solve this one issue

This could be a problem.

Earlier this week, it was reported Matt and Jeff Hardy had officially been offered WWE contracts. However, the Hardys have reportedly not signed a new deal with their former employee for one major reason: scheduling.

Via Cagesideseats:

"The "major issue that has to be worked out", according to PWInsider, is scheduling. Matt & Jeff are apparently balking at the prospect of working a full-time touring schedule at this point in their lives and careers. The report doesn't say WWE is insisting on sending the Boyz on the road, so presumably it's more a matter of working out money and the number of dates... will the Hardys be on the John Cena/Chris Jericho or Brock Lesnar/Goldberg end of the scale?"

It makes sense that this would be a huge deal to iron out from the Hardys' perspective. The Hardy Boys have had a long career, and it always made more sense for their potential return to be more of a Goldberg or Brock Lesnar-type deal, and not Rob Van Dam or Chris Jericho's-type deal.

If WWE is indeed not hellbent on having the Hardys on the road, that's probably a good sign for fans who want to see a deal between the two sides get done.

The Hardys' stock is as high as it has been in some time, and with guys like John Cena, Goldberg, and Chris Jericho reportedly getting ready to take time off the timing makes a lot of sense for the Hardys to step in sometime soon.