Report: One-time WWE champion reassures fans with target return date Jeff Hardy/Facebook
Jeff Hardy/Facebook

Jeff Hardy is still recovering from shoulder surgery after suffering a torn rotator cuff, but the one-time WWE Champion is reportedly telling fans he will return in time for WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans, Louisiana. That’s at least according to SportsKeeda:

“Jeff Hardy attended the Wrestlemania party in New Orleans, Louisiana on November 17th; and was spotted sporting a sling for his shoulder.

Hardy reassured fans that he will most definitely return in time for Wrestlemania 34 which goes down in April of next year.”

Here’s the WWE-issued press release on Hardy’s injury:

?Jeff is dealing with a rotator cuff tear right now,? said WWE Senior Ringside Physician Dr. Stephen Daquino. ?It?s a full thickness tear of his supraspinatus tendon and a couple of other areas in the shoulder. He?s going to go for evaluation and probably for surgery next week.?

Hardy suffered the injury on during a Six-Pack Challenge for the No. 1 contender spot for The Miz?s Intercontinental Championship.

Hardy was kept out of action during a live event in Sacramento after the injury. His brother and tag-team partner, Matt Hardy, wrestled Karl Anderson in a singles match instead.

?It?s depressing,? Hardy told ?More than any time in a career, it?s those times that make you go, ?Wow, I love professional wrestling.? It sucks that I can?t be involved in [a] match or can?t get in there and do what I normally do because I?m injured, but I just have to get over that, stop worrying about it and look forward and push myself to get repaired and healed and come back better than ever with a brand-new shoulder.?

Hardy returned to WWE alongside his brother at WrestleMania 33 in April. The duo spent several years competing in Impact Wrestling, as well as appearing in several other promotions including Ring of Honor.


Hardy is a multi-time World Champion ? one-time WWE Champion ? and tag team champion during his tenures with WWE.

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