WWE legend and current Raw general manager Kurt Angle won’t be wrestling for the WWE anytime soon, according to a new report.

Many have been speculating since he returned to the company earlier this year when he might lace up his boots one more time, but it may never happen.

Via WrestleZone:

“However, according to The Dirty Sheets podcast, which you can check out below, WWE has decided Kurt Angle will not wrestle anytime in the foreseeable future, and the company views him as an onscreen character and not an in-ring wrestler. There are currently no plans for Angle to return to the ring, and he hasn’t even taken the WWE physical which would be required for him to return to the ring.”

This would probably be the best for Angle going forward, as he is 48-years-old and has a long injury history that one would think would make him very hard to clear at this stage of his career — especially with how careful the company has been with former WWE champion Daniel Bryan.

Angle has his hands full with the Jason Jordan storyline, along with running Raw as the general manager, so there really is no need to have him wrestle anytime soon, or even again. Although, one final match against Triple H would be intriguing.

Angle is a four-time WWE champion.

Huge backstage update on a WWE HOFer’s in-ring future Booker T/Facebook

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