Former three-time WWF Women's Champion to join WWE Hall of Fame

It is decided.

It has been reported that Ivory will be a member of the WWE's 2018 Hall of Fame class. ESPNW reported the revelation on its website.

Ivory, real name Lisa Moretti, is a historically important wrestler. As Netflix fanatics might know, she was a member of the original GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) cast that has been turned into a scripted series on the streaming service application.

"[This Hall of Fame recognition] means that it's a full circle in your career, in your wrestling chapter," Ivory said to espnW.com shortly after she heard the news. "It's great bragging rights for your family that have seen you go through the eras and I also feel like it's an awesome tribute to the women in wrestling as a whole."

Ivory was ahead of her time in terms as to how seriously the WWE treated the women's division. Despite having to sometimes operate in a less idealistic era of women's wrestling, Ivory managed to win the WWF Women's Championship on three different occasions.

A gifted in-ring worker with an underrated ability to play a variety of characters, Ivory joins the Dudley Boyz as the confirmed members of the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame class. More are, obviously, likely to be announced as time goes on and Wrestlemania inches closer.