Despite plenty of incidents clouding her WWE future and injuries keeping her out for much of the last year, former Diva’s champion Paige is slated to return “as soon as she is medically cleared,” according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer.

Paige hasn’t wrestled since June 2016 and she underwent neck surgery in October.

She served two suspensions for WWE wellness violations within two months earlier in 2016, but clarified both situations noting she had prescriptions and doctor’s notes.

Paige was the first-ever NXT women’s champion, and won the women’s title twice during her time in WWE.

Airport incident

A troubling alleged airport investigation was just the latest in a string of controversial out of the ring incidents that have followed former WWE star Paige since developing her relationship with two-time WWE champion Alberto Del Rio.

She was also reportedly around Del Rio when he was involved in an altercation with an unknown man. The man apparently shoved Paige to the ground when she tried to break up the altercation. Del Rio was reportedly stabbed multiple times.

The audio from the alleged altercation involving Del Rio (who has not been named a suspect) and former WWE Diva’s champion Paige has since emerged:

According to the report, Del Rio and a woman were arguing at a terminal, things

In the audio, you can hear Del Rio telling the woman (reportedly Paige) to call the cops as she yells for him to stay out of her life and leave her the “f**k alone.”

Paige has since unveiled a string of tweets on the incident:

Del Rio suspended

According to Pro Wrestling Insider, former WWE Champion and current Global Force Wrestling (GFW) world heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio (a.k.a Alberto El Patron) has been suspended after police initiated a domestic violence investigation that involved Del Rio.

GFW later confirmed the suspension with a statement on their own website:

Global Force Wrestling has indefinitely suspended Alberto El Patron, effective immediately, until the investigation is resolved following a recent incident in Orlando, Florida.

GFW did not mention how this would affect Del Rio’s status as their world champion, but they do already have several weeks of television pre-taped with Del Rio as a leading character.

Paige’s brothers show concern

Paige’s brothers have expressed concern for her safety, per Wrestling Observer.

From her brother Zak’s Facebook page:

“I’ve got too say I’m very worried about my sister, Please keep a eye on her, she had one Prick Known as brad Maddox who took advantage of an 18 year old girl. Physically and mentally abused her. And now she’s with a control freak who think he’s a tough guy cause he’s beats my sister and has money too cover his tracks..I love my sister she will end up like Whitney Houston or Amy Winehouse ….please share this,,I want the world to know that i care about my lil sister…..everyone keep an eye on her …you’ll be argry at me but I love you, I’m writing this on behalf of all the Knights.”

Whitney Houston died due to a combination of cocaine, heart disease and drowning. Amy Winehouse, despite rumors that she passed due to a relapse of drug abuse, passed away following alcohol poisoning.

Paige’s other brother, Roy, shared the audio (linked below) that alleges to be Paige and Del Rio arguing. Here’s a few comments that he dropped below Facebook post:

“We got pics from the last 6 months bro of her beating I’m glad she’s finally sticking up for yourself..the reason there fighting yesterday is cause my uncle on his last legs in hospital and he wished him dead”

“No bud I’d go back to jail if I see him,,I’m a family Mann now but he’s pushing it..won’t even let her bk too WWE”

“She needs to get away not that simple tho”

Del Rio is the current Impact World Heavyweight champion for Global Force Wrestling. He also won the World Heavyweight title twice and United States title twice during his various runs with WWE.

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