Over the years, several WWE legends have come back to the company after their in-ring careers ended — most recently, Mick Foley and Kurt Angle — but Stone Cold Steve Austin hasn’t been full-time with the WWE since his in-ring career ended years ago.

Austin was on Lillian Garcia’s podcast recently and the former in-ring announcer asked the former why he hasn’t returned to the company full-time and the Texas Rattlesnake didn’t dance around the question.

Via Rajah:

“I don’t like to travel anymore Lilian. It’s like when I was still in the WWE and my days before that because I give or take have been in the business thirteen or fourteen years until my neck crapped out and I got out of the business, I loved being on the road back in the day you know you’re a road warrior, you’re addicted to the road, then all of a sudden you’re out there and you’ve been on the road for ten, fourteen whatever more days and you’re thinking God dang man I really want to go home…”

The WWE travel schedule is a strenuous, difficult one, so it’s understandable that Austin has no interest in ever embarking on that challenge again. Leaving that life to his current one is far less chaotic and traveling, especially the older you get, wears on a person.

Any fans hoping to see Austin return in a role like Angle or Foley shouldn’t hold their breath.

WWE HOFer reveals why he won’t ever return to the company full-time

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