WWE Neville SummerSlam

Title changes hands on SummerSlam pre-show for second time in 6 days


Neville won the Crusierweight Championship just six days after losing the title, beating Akira Tozawa after connecting on the Red Arrow.

He set the finisher up after getting his knees up to block the senton by Tozawa:

It was a well-paced match between Tozawa and Neville, fighting back and forth before the King of Cruiserweights could eventually get his belt back:

WWE inexplicably moved up the Cruiserweight championship match to Monday Night, resulting in Tozawa defeating Neville for the title on Raw.


Tozawa got the advantage early, connecting on a stiff jab to get the two count before the champ rolled out of the ring ahead of the commercial break. Back from the break, Neville was in control, targeting Tozawa's shoulder.

Tozawa turned around the comeback, hitting a german suplex. Neville rolled out of the ring and Tozawa connected on two running dive attempts through the ropes.

He set Neville up for the diving senton, but Neville got up just in time to reverse, connecting on a suplex from the top rope. Tozawa eventually worked his way back, narrowly moving from the Red Arrow attempt and setting Neville up for the senton again, finally connecting for the pinfall and we got a new champion!

The win ended Neville's 198-day reign as King of the Cruiserweights.


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