Backstage WWE rumors already emerge on plans to break up Shield


In WWE, all tag-teams and factions eventually come to an end.

Think about it. Every team has gone through a split at some point.

The Shield were no exception in 2014 with Seth Rollins attacked Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose with a steel chair as part of one of the most shocking heel turns in wrestling history.

Naturally, fans have already speculated how the trio will eventually breakup now that they're back together. Many expect that Ambrose will turn on his brethren, with the company keen on keeping Reigns as its top babyface and Rollins having already gone down that route.


Apparently, an Ambrose heel turn is being considered by WWE as the cause for an eventual Shield breakup and a transition into a feud with Rollins at WrestleMania, according to Cageside Seats' "Rumors for the Day," for Oct. 17, 2017.

Ambrose is the most logicial choice to cause a breakup within the Shied this time around. All three superstars have been World Champions since their initial run as a faction, but the Lunatic Fringe has had arguably the worst booking among the three.

Rollins has already taken on the top heel role while Ambrose has been a babyface since the group's first turn in early 2014. A heel run could benefit him as a singles competitor once WWE decides to break the Shield up again and would provide enough reason for another stellar feud with his tag-team partner.