A former WWE wrestler and his family are asking for prayers following a tragic health diagnosis

This doesn't look good.

Former WWE wrestler Matt Cappotelli originally retired from wrestling back in 2007 after it was discovered that he had a brain tumor. That tumor was successfully removed, but now Cappotelli is back in the hospital with his wife, Lindsay, reporting that the tumor is back and more aggressive than before.

"Waiting to be taken for my MRI and get prepared for my second brain surgery tomorrow. Just found out that the tumor that I had removed 10 years ago has come back much more aggressively and needs to be dealt with. It's a very large tumor and there is a portion that is inoperable. The portion that they are hoping to remove will be sent for pathology, which will determine what exactlywe are dealing with and provide insight on future treatment plans and the next steps for the inoperable portion in my brain stem. #John9:1-3"

The two asked for prayers in the post as they deal with with Matt's conditions.

Cappotelli, a former football player at Western Michigan, won the Tough Enough III competition back in 2003, which earned him a WWE contract. Cappotelli made various appearances on WWE television before being sent to the company's developmental territory OVW in 2004. Cappotelli was still working there when his brain tumor was first discovered in 2007, and his WWE contract eventually expired in 2009.

We send our thoughts and prayers to Cappotelli and his family as they deal with this difficult time.