Remember that time Vince McMahon almost killed himself on WWE RAW?


Reminder: Vince McMahon almost legitimately broke his neck just to try and get a talent over as a superstar.

Criticize McMahon all you want, but one thing he has rarely been afraid of is humiliating himself on television for the benefit of another wrestler. From his famous feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin, all the way to last year's battle with Roman Reigns, McMahon has often found himself at the wrong end of a superstar's triumph.

That includes a 1999 battle royal, where McMahon and "The Corporation" were feuding with the infamous D-Generation-X stable. The battle royal -- in storyline, mind you -- was rigged to seemingly reveal McMahon as the winner, which would gift him the coveted No. 30 spot in the annual Royal Rumble. That was until Chyna was revealed as the final member of this battle royal, which she won by throwing McMahon over the top rope.

Of course, McMahon not really being a trained professional, got his head stuck under the bottom rope when he went over and he slammed his head against the apron as he went out. McMahon reportedly suffered a concussion from the spot, and it was eerily similar to this injury more Enzo Amore earlier this year.


Thankfully McMahon was fine, and he has continued to lead WWE ever since. But this is also a reminder of just how dangerous pro-wrestling can be if not properly executed.