WWE Battleground continued being as unpredictable as it began in the AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens United States title match Sunday night in Philadelphia, PA.

In what was a vicious, impressive title bout Owens got his revenge on the Phenomenal One by pinning him under bizarre circumstances and getting the 1-2-3.

From the start, this was a fight and both Styles and Owens played their roles well. Styles was super over, and the crowd was in this from the start.

Owens hit Styles with several brutal blows in this match, perhaps the biggest being a potentially errant elbow.

But, unlike the previous match, the psychology here was on-point. Styles plays the underdog, high-flyer perfectly, and Owens used every trick in the book to try and beat the best babyface in the WWE today.

Owens may very well be one of the most underrated stars in the WWE right now, and some of the spots in this match were just incredible.

However, the ending did catch everyone by surprise, as Styles was the heavy favorite coming into the match, and the way Owens rolled up Styles after both superstars nearly tapped multiple times was odd.

Still, this felt like a WWE title match — and, really, should have been — but the fans definitely weren’t happy about this finish.

Another huge title change takes place at WWE Battleground WWE Graphic

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