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Driver Gets Tased and Handcuffed During Fight on Race Track


You won't see this kind of craziness go down during a NASCAR race, that's for sure.

On October 14, 2017, a Crazy Figure 8 race at Anderson Speedway in Indiana erupted into absolute chaos after driver Jeffrey Swinford drove his race car on top of racer Shawn Cullen's vehicle.

It all started when Cullen and Swinford made contact on lap 24 of the Hart's Auto Figure 8. This brought out a caution flag, but immediately following the official restart, Cullen bumped Swinford, eventually getting inside leverage and spinning him into the infield grass.


That's when a frustrated Swinford thought to himself, "To hell with this," and drove his car RIGHT ON TOP of Cullen's. Well, Cullen wasn't going to take that obvious act of aggression sitting down, so he leapt out of his car, went over to Swinford's window, and just started throwing punches. To break up the fistfight, a police officer came down from the stands and hit Cullen with a stun gun. Swinford was soon after wrangled by law enforcement and both racecar drivers were hauled away from the track in handcuffs.

Swinford was charged with misdemeanor criminal recklessness, while Cullen was ticketed for disorderly conduct.

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Several days after the incident, Anderson Speedway owner Rick Dawson made it clear that he had a no-tolerance policy for Swinford's demolition derby-style antics.

"Swinford will not race at this racetrack as long as I own it, and I plan to own it for a long time," Dawson told the Anderson Herald Bulletin.

Swinford was simultaneously banned from attending or competing in events at Anderson Speedway, while Cullen was slapped with a two-event suspension.

"It is clear to Anderson Speedway that the act on the race track by Jeffrey Swinford was an intentional act with the intent of doing bodily harm and severe equipment damage to the car of Shawn Cullen," Anderson Speedway said in an official statement.


When it comes to on-the-track dustups, it's hard to beat the absolute insanity that went down at the Anderson Speedway fight.

This post was originally published on May 5, 2020.

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