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Sprint Car Flips out of Track in Wild Racing Moment


When it comes to racing accolades and accomplishments, Austin Williams has them in spades. The Texas native is a two-time NHRA National Champion, a three-time #2 finisher in the World, a seven-time JEGS Allstar representative, a 13-time NHRA National Event winner, a 15-time NHRA Divisional Event winner, and a five-time Track Points Champion.

But, probably Austin's craziest racing moment caught on video was when he flipped over the fencing at Perris Auto Speedway during a June 2016 Sprint Car race, marking the first time anything like that had happened at the California track.

As you can see from the footage, Austin's car slides sideways before catching an edge, rolling over, and launching airborne. It's definitely a wild scene.


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According to Super Street Online, "the car belongs to the USAC's 410 non-winged sprint class, which dictates an engine size of 410 cubic-inches (6.7 liters). With that kind of power and no wing for downforce, a crash like this could have ended up much worse."

As for Austin's recap of the crash, he was basically shocked as everyone else watching that his car ended up getting that much air.

"Someone showed me that picture of me way up above the fence," Williams said immediately following the incident. "I didn't even know I was up that high. I also didn't know I was on the other side of the fence until I saw dry dirt. I then assumed from that point I was on the other side of the fence."


Williams added, "I knew I was in trouble when it picked up the left side (of the car) that high. I had no time to save it. I looked out the right side and I could see dirt. I knew it was over. That first hit, I was waiting for it to hit and it hit real quick. That was the one that launched me over the fence. There was a long period of time of silence, and that's never good. I was waiting for it to make some more noise and finally it landed on the top. That drop from the top of the fence down onto my head was what really hurt."

Shockingly enough, Williams only suffered banged up knees when it was all said and done.

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