nascar pov tire changer

YouTube: Hudson Hall

Awesome POV Video Shows a NASCAR Tire Changer in Action


This will definitely give you a new perspective on NASCAR pit crew members. We see them perform pit stops with lightning-quick speeds all the time on the TV highlights, but this POV angle really shows you just how intense those couple of seconds actually are.

Kyle Symington was the tire changer for a team during the Dupont 200, which was a NASCAR Nationwide Series race, at Iowa Speedway back in 2013. Thanks to the camera that he had strapped on his helmet, we essentially get to see exactly what he sees. Even before they start, we see him checking his equipment, getting everything ready, and waiting on his moment to pounce. Once the car rolls in, Kyle and the pit crew jump into action. The car stops a little farther forward than expected, but the crew wastes no time sprinting toward it.

As Kyle gets to work, he starts at the right rear wheel and nails all the lug nuts with extreme precision. After tightening the new wheel on, he makes his way over to the left rear, wheel where he executes the wheel swap just as well. As he finishes up, the jack lowers the car to the ground, and we can hear that V8 engine roaring back toward the racetrack.


All in all, it took them right around 22 seconds from the time the car stopped to when it left. Considering the average NASCAR pit stop is anywhere from 13-15 seconds, it wasn't a record-breaking time, but it's still impressive to see nonetheless.

One thing's for sure: NASCAR pit crews know how to handle pressure. For those 15 seconds, they're required do everything perfect and as quick as possible. If they screw up, it's not uncommon to see them replaced with someone else, so there's always a lot on the line. You have to love the POV angles, especially in a situation like this.

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