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Mrs. Keselowski shows off her own driving skill qualifying for the Better Half Dash


The Better Half Dash is a charity race that includes the spouses of NASCAR drivers and team members.

The event is being held this weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway, and Brad Keselowki's wife, Paige, won the pole for the race. Keselowski is competing for her husband's charity, the Checkered Flag Foundation, which honors and supports soldiers and veterans.

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Fans can donate to any of the drivers in the field for the Better Half Dash, and each driver is supporting a different charity. You can scroll through the page and see which charity each driver is supporting, and whoever gets the most donations can select their starting spot for the race.


Most of the drivers in the field include wives and girlfriends of various crew members across the sport, and Keselowski is the only Cup driver's wife in the field.

Maybe Brad can have as much success as his wife this weekend at Charlotte as the Round of 12 begins on Sunday.

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