clint bowyer stands next custom '79 peterbilt truck
YouTube: NASCAR on FOX

Clint Bowyer's Custom '79 Peterbilt Pickup Truck Is One of His Most Prized Possessions

Clint Bowyer made millions from his career as a NASCAR driver, and like most big names in NASCAR raking in the big bucks, the 43-year-old Emporia, Kansas native loves his toys. We're not talking tinker toys, either. We're talking about the big stuff. Trucks, to be specific, and the Fox Sports analyst loves showing 'em off.

For a special segment in October, Clint Bowyer gave NASCAR on Fox an inside look at one of his favorite trucks out of his collection, and it's an absolute showstopper. This pickup truck was modeled after a '79 Peterbilt, only you'll find it's a little smaller than your standard tractor trailer.

The cool part about this truck is that it still sports the original Peterbilt cab, and the rest of the body panels have been made to look the same, with a much smaller overall size. This work of art was custom built by Bud Vernon, who Clint knew quite well when he was younger. He claims Bud was "king of the toys," and with this truck as proof, the claim checks out. Bud's unofficial title dates back to him and Clint's high school days, when Bud actually let his now-famous pal drive a variety of his other "toys" to school. Clearly, it pays to have indsutridous friends.


The truck has definitely got a unique look to it. The hood, fender, bumper, air cleaners, gas tanks, you name it, it's all been shrunk down in size and custom made. What's even cooler is that it features some big stacks, custom circular headlights, and lots of chrome to set this thing off. It honestly looks like it could be a show truck, and with something as rare as this, you know you'll have a crowd surrounding it at all times. It's got a big truck diesel engine in it, so it doesn't just look good, it works well, too.

Clint loves to take this thing out for a spin whenever he can, especially when he's got his polished cattle trailer behind it. There's pretty much no cooler way to show up to a cow auction. Apparently, his son Cash gets a big kick out of it. This is definitely a sweet ride, and we can only imagine the amount of heads it turns on the road.

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