Over the last few years, the Dale Jr. Download podcast has given us some fantastic stories and insight from current and former NASCAR drivers. Back in 2019, Junior brought on Clint Bowyer, and they eventually talked about the time that Clint pranked hilariously four-time NASCAR champ Jeff Gordon.

The story behind it is actually pretty hilarious, so I’d definitely recommend giving it a listen.

Going back to the Cup Series race at Phoenix in 2012, Bowyer had a sour run-in with Gordon. As he attempted to make a pass on the lower lane, Gordon turned into him and spun him into the wall. After the race, the two race crews began fighting, and Bowyer went running over to his trailer to confront Gordon about it. Fast forward a little bit after that incident, and Bowyer was hanging out with famous food personality Guy Fieri and Kevin Harvick during his off-time. They stumbled upon a yacht party, and when a member of the vessel recognized Fieri, they were promptly invited onboard.

Shortly after boarding, Bowyer spotted Jeff Gordon in attendance. Of course, Bowyer and his crew had already had a few drinks at this point, so he decided to play a little prank on him. He went over to Gordon, put him in a light headlock, and started to pretend punch him in the head. Even though he was just joking around, Gordon was definitely freaked out for a second there. However, it didn’t take long for Bowyer to explain that it was all water under the bridge. They were all there just to have a good time.

Boy, would I have loved to see something like that in person. I can only imagine everyone’s reaction, but Bowyer definitely got Jeff good with that one. In the episode, Dale and Clint go on to talk more about how it’s better to leave all the anger on the race track. You have to respect Clint for his mentality toward the other drivers.


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This post was originally published on July 2, 2021.

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