College football lineman left school to join a pit crew but a NASCAR rule change has killed his dream for now


Former Georgia Tech offensive lineman Eason Fromayan decided to forgo his senior season with the Yellow Jackets to turn pro -- just not in football.

Fromayan decided he wanted to skip his senior year in 2017 to join a pit crew in NASCAR. Several teams have started employing former football players to work on pit crews, and it's helped teams shave time off of pit stops.

But NASCAR is instituting a new rule in 2018 that will change the number of pit crew members allowed to go over the wall during a race. The rule forces every time to cut down on one pit crew member, and it left Fromayan without a job.

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"It was certainly interesting," Fromayan said via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "I'll never have any regrets for trying. I'll never have to wonder what could have been. I still love racing. It's something I've always been passionate about. It's just maybe not the right time or the right position to be in at the moment."

Fromayan played offensive tackle for the Yellow Jackets, and he was a key member of the offensive line that helped Georgia Tech's triple option attack win nine games in 2016.

He had always been interested in racing, but now he'll have to put it on hold due to the rule change.

Cutting down on the pit crew members will cut costs for teams, and the change was made to help create more parity between the teams. NASCAR officials also believe having 40 less pit crew members over the wall will help with safety.


If the change isn't well received next season, it's possible NASCAR could eventually go back. That would give Fromayan another chance to earn a spot on a pit crew. Until then, it will be intriguing to monitor whether the rule change will produce positive results.

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