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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Once Acted Like a "Bit of a Fool" While Driving in the Snow and Learned His Lesson


It's safe to say that most of us have had our struggles with winter driving and have maybe even learned a lesson or two after an incident on an icy or snowy road. Back in January 2018, former NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. had some sound advice of his own after losing control in the snow.

As it turns out, even professional race car drivers struggle on icy roads. Keep that in mind that next time you try hitting the streets in your vehicle during dangerous winter conditions.

After a boatload of snow was dumped on Charlotte, North Carolina, Dale Jr. came across some people in distress and decided to help them out. Karma repaid his kindness by slamming his car into a tree. That's just some rough luck.

Following the accident, here's what the 15-time Cup Series Most Popular Driver and current NASCAR broadcaster said via Twitter:


"NC stay off the roads today/tonight. 5 minutes after helping these folks I center punched a pine tree. All good. Probably just needs a new alignment."

Later, Junior was surprised by the response and all the attention his post got. He went on to clarify the exact nature of the incident, saying, "Getting all kinds of text that I was in a traffic accident today. I just scratched my winch on the trunk of a pine. No crash. Just driving too fast in the snow. Being a bit of a fool."

He clarified that his accident was not that bad, only involving his vehicle's winch and a pine tree. Regardless of the severity, losing control is losing control, even if you admit you were just being a "bit of a fool." This definitely could've ended a lot worse.


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This post was originally published on January 18, 2018.