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If you’re an avid follower of Dale Earnhardt Jr. on social media, you may know that the semi-retired NASCAR driver has been collecting vintage Dale Earnhardt Sr. T-shirts for quite some time now. Back on July 11, 2018, he revealed the one shirt that had been evading his grasp for quite some time: A T-shirt commemorating his late dad’s Rookie of the Year NASCAR Cup Series campaign from 1979.

He searched on eBay for the shirt every, single day, but no dice. Technically, he had two copies of the shirt, one of which his wife Amy has, but was looking for the vintage T-shirt in a size XL. That’s where Connie Goodman came in.

An old family friend and fan, Connie happens to collect vintage shirts as well, and on an episode of the Dale Jr. Download podcast, she surprised the retired NASCAR driver with a number of classic shirts paying homage to the Intimidator himself.

Among them was a Dale Earnhardt Rookie of the Year shirt, still in the packaging, that fit Junior just right.

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?We followed your dad?s career and once he got the Rookie (of the Year award), we bought the souvenirs,? Goodman said, according to NBC Sports. ?I thought, I?m going to buy one, that we wore ? and I thought, ?I?m going to keep one, because he?s going to be very famous one day.? Just knew it.?


And very famous he was. Good call, Connie!

Talk about an absolutely amazing surprise though. I’m not sure if there are rankings for the best members of JR Nation, but if there are, Connie has to be pretty close to the top!

This post was originally published on July 20, 2018.

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