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Rare Interview Shows Dale Earnhardt Talking About "the Fire in Me to Win"


Caution: Watching this video will bring you back to the good old days of NASCAR racing.

This interview snippet of the legendary Dale Earnhardt Sr. on the George Michael Sports Machine is a pretty interesting watch. Not only does he talk about his desire to win and NASCAR's monumental growth and success, but he also gives his thoughts on the talent of his son, Dale Earnhardt Jr., as he was starting his own career in racing.

Before he discusses where his son was at career-wise, The Intimidator talks about his own drive to keep racing at the highest level.

"The aggressiveness, the fire in me to win, and the will to go out there and drive a car today is still there," Earnhardt says. "You can watch it in practice, or you can watch it in the races. It's still there."


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When asked how he felt about NASCAR developing into a multi-billion dollar business, Senior is extremely positive about the direction that they were headed. He compliments the marketing teams as well as the promoters, sponsors, and tracks that had helped grow the sport tremendously. I mean, you have to think about where it all began, and I don't think anyone expected the sport to grow into what it is today, whether you like the current product or not. You can tell by the tone of Earnhardt's answers that he's just as astounded by NASCAR's progress.

Dale Sr. then touches on the topic of Junior's ability behind the wheel of a race car. This was far before Dale Jr. saw real success in NASCAR, but he certainly recognizes his son's potential in that moment. However, he also states that his son has a lot to learn and experience on the road ahead of him. Dale Sr. also talks about Junior needing to pay his dues in racing, but although becoming one of the best takes some time, he believed that Jr would make it there one day and claimed that's why he put him in a race car.


It's always great to listen to the late Dale Earnhardt Sr.'s perspective on NASCAR, especially when the interviews take place when he was at his prime. Earnhardt was a legendary driver, and he undoubtedly aided in taking NASCAR to greater heights around this time. One thing's for sure: Dale Sr. would be extremely proud of what his son was able to accomplish in his NASCAR career and beyond.

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This post was originally published on November 10, 2020.

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