Our 4 Favorite Drivers From Netflix's "Hyperdrive"


If high-stakes drifting action really revs your engine, then Hyperdrive is the show for you.

The reality TV show on Netflix takes drift racing to a whole different level, challenging drivers against each other in an effort to become the champion.

Executive producer Charlize Theron brings the idea to life, along with show hosts Michael Bisping, Lindsay Czarniak, Mike Hill. and Rutledge Wood. Together, they whittle down the contestant pool from 28 international drivers to just one remaining driver through a series of obstacle course-style driving challenges.

Some of the obstacles included water cannon, cyclone, walk-on water, leveler, rail slide, target zone, and double supernova, just to name a few.


There's no doubt we saw plenty of talented racers throughout the competition. João Barion, Brittany Williams, Axel Francois, Jordan Martin, Sara Haro, and Stacey-Lee May were among many that put up a fight during the first season.

However, there were a few drivers in particular that stood out from the crowd, and that's why we're going to be checking out four of our favorite drivers from the TV series.

Our 4 Favorite Hyperdrive Drivers

Diego Higa

As the season one champion, Diego Higa certainly showed he knew what he was doing behind the wheel. The driver from Brazil piloted his 2005 Mustang GT through each challenge like a true professional.

He placed first in "Qualifier 3: Enter the Assassin," "Knockout 1: Head to Head," "Knockout 3: Track Is Hot," and "Wild Card: A Chance at Redemption." After winning "Semifinal: Last Chance," Higa brought home his final victory in "Finale: The Monster." All in all, he placed first in more events than any of the other drivers in the competition.


I mean, this kid was on a mission. Though most of the challenges were tough, he remained level-headed and continually proved that he had what it took to work his way up the ranks.

With his dad Neto by his side, he had the motivation to kick ass, and that he did. Not only were his driving skills put to the test, but the quality of his car was as well. Despite rough driving conditions, his Mustang hung in there and that only proves how well it was built in the first place.

I'd consider that a huge win for both Higa and Brazil, and hopefully they bring him back for another season in the future, because this guy was an absolute pleasure to watch.

Fielding Shredder

First things first, Fielding Shredder has the ultimate name for a drift racing driver. The Austin, Texas native was always there to put on a show, even if he wasn't on track to win each event.


In many of the challenges, he did quite a bit of damage to his custom built Nissan 240sx, but he didn't let that slow him down in the slightest. He maintained the mindset of a true auto racing driver, making him a spectacular competitor to follow along with.

His highlights included a second-place finish in "Qualifier 2: Roll the Dice" and a first-place finish in "Wild Card: A Chance at Redemption." While he mounted a valid effort throughout the series, Shredder ended up landing in third place overall.

One of the most entertaining parts of watching him drive was how hard he pushed. The guy could be in last place, and he would still have the same drive as if he were in first. We saw smiles on his face throughout all of the events, and despite having some issues with his car along with way, he always found a way to put on a show for the spectators.

He made Texas proud with his effort. Making it all the way into the final is a feat in itself, so I definitely applaud his dedication. He was born to be a drifter for sure.


Atsushi Taniguchi

Driving his custom 2002 Toyota Crown, Atsushi Taniguchi was another showman that drew attention. Coming from Japan, you know his drifting skills were on point, but he did face some challenges along the way.

He started the competition with a huge crash on the leveler obstacle. Despite the setbacks, he still had a number of highlights. He placed first in the second qualifying round, second in the first knockout round, and nabbed a third-place finish in the semi-final round. At the end of the day, he took home a fourth place overall finish.

What made Taniguchi intriguing was his old school style. On top of that, he managed to do all of his driving without a hydraulic handbrake. Just a clutch, brake, and gas to control his maneuvers.

With a red light bar strapped to the roof of his car, he made sure eyes were on him while he was in the driver's seat, and undoubtedly proved he had the skills to be a top contender. Even though he didn't make it into the top three, Taniguchi proved his racing prowess on more than one occasion.


Corinna Graff

Representing Germany, Corinna Graff was the highest-placing female in the field of drivers. They called her the "drift beast" and for good reason. She had complete control over her 2012 Mercedes-Benz E500.

Graff proved her skills on both the target zone and leveler challenges in particular. While others struggled, she made things look effortless. She achieved a third-place finish in "Qualifier 4: Go Hard or Go Home, as well as a second-place finish in "Knockout 2: Checkers or Wreckers." She made it all the way into the final round, where unfortunately she was unable to finish.

It's not everyday you see a mother in a competition like this. That said, I was thoroughly impressed with her skills behind the wheel, and so were many other viewers. It's no surprise she quickly turned into a fan favorite during the course of the series.

This is another driver I would love to see given a redemption once the show returns for another season. The talent she showcased was remarkable, especially considering she was using a bigger-bodied car compared to other drivers vehicles.


As far as the release date for the second season of Hyperdrive, it still has not been entirely confirmed, but it's rumored that something is in the works. I hope that's true, because this series had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. Basically, just imagine American Ninja Warrior with cars, and you've got Hyperdrive.

It's an epic show that I'd recommend any gearhead checks out. While watching, be sure to keep an eye on these four-star drivers so you can experience exactly what I'm talking about.

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