Indy 500
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Indy 500 Winners To Be Fitted With New Blue Jackets

The Indianapolis 500 is generally the biggest sports event of Memorial Day weekend, and now, there will be a new wrinkle for the winners. Or actually, something that won't be wrinkled, but pressed.

That's right, Indianapolis Motor Speedway revealed some cool new jackets for the winners, as the organization announced in a press release.

"A new tradition," the post on X read above a picture of past winners. "IMS is pleased to have commissioned the special Indy 500 Winner Jacket, which celebrates membership in the most elite of motorsports clubs, the club of Indianapolis 500 champions.

"Today on the Yard of Bricks, the winners were presented with their jackets."

This truly was a who's who of Indy 500 winners.

"The Masters has a green jacket. The Pro Football Hall of Fame has a gold jacket." the Indianapolis Star wrote. "Now Indianapolis 500 drivers are competing for a blue jacket.

"Indianapolis Motor Speedway unveiled jackets Friday that will be given to race winners. Twenty-three drivers and Speedway owner Roger Penske donned the first jackets along the Yard of Bricks."

The outlet added that "winners also get their likeness etched onto the Borg-Warner trophy, and they receive 'Baby Borgs,' a miniature version of the trophy."

It makes sense that Indy 500 winners will have their own jackets. And the color is fitting. Indianapolis has blue in the colors of its two major sports teams (the Colts and Pacers) and it's also been a color often associated with a race.

So, yes, fit the winners for a new jacket. It's probably actually long overdue.