jeff gordon breakdancing at 2011 nascar champion's week
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Jeff Gordon Busted Out the Breakdancing Moves at 2011 Champion's Week, and the Crowd Went Wild

You probably never would ever think to see "breakdancing" and "Jeff Gordon" in the same sentence. Well, unless you've seen this clip from Champion's Week back in 2011, when the four-time NASCAR Cup Series champ busted a move on stage during a Q&A session and had the Las Vegas crowd hooting and hollering.

Now, Jeff wouldn't make it past the first round of America's Got Talent with those moves, but he was definitely a good sport for giving the people what they wanted. As you can see from the footage, it took a hell of a lot of coaxing to get him to do it in the first place.

WATCH: Jeff Gordon Breakdances During 2011 Champions Week 

Jeff Gordon's viral moment all started when reporter Jamie Little tried to spice up a Q&A session, asking Jimmie Johnson and Dale Earnhardt Jr. if they could dance at all. Johnson immediately tossed it over to his pal Jeff Gordon, claiming that he had some "really good breakdancing skills."

Gordon did not seem all that pumped that his buddy revealed his hidden talent, but he eventually admits to having dabbled in breakdancing back when he was a kid growing up in Vallejo, California and trying to be cool. His reluctance to showing off his moves seemed to be tied to three key points: 1) he wasn't drunk enough 2) he was out of practice and 3) the last time he had breakdanced was at Jimmie's wedding, and he ended up with stitches afterwards. All valid reasons, but the NASCAR fans in attendance were insatiable. They wanted to see Jimmie's moves!

After failed attempts at Jeff passing the buck over to Denny Hamlin and Jamie trying to get Kyle Busch into the mix, Gordon finally relented and spun around on the ground for a couple seconds to satisfy the crowd. I'll say this: it was an A for effort. I'm sure he was a lot better back in the day.

But, Brad Keselowski seemingly echoed the sentiments of most of the folks in the crowd and the drivers on the stage when he said, "That was well worth the price of admission. I might have to buy a ticket for that one."

This post was originally published on April 27, 2021.

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