Kyle Busch answers question at fanfest before the start of the 2023 Busch Clash ; Joey Logano laughs during a media press conference for the 2023 Busch Clash
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Kyle Busch Called Joey Logano "Two-Faced," and Logano Agrees

We already covered Kyle Busch's post-race rant against Joey Logano after the Team Penske racer spun out the Richard Childress Racing driver at this year's Busch Light Clash at The Coliseum. Long story short, Busch vowed revenge on Logano at the press conference ("He's got another one coming. I owe him a few."), then went on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio and said that Logano was "two-faced" and "an asshole." Is it exactly how you'd expect Busch to act after a run-in with another driver? Yep, pretty much. Standard stuff from the two-time Cup champ.

Well, in his own media appearance earlier this week, Logano responded to Busch's digs. As it turns out, Logano agrees with Busch's assessment of him. Sort of.

"Did I make a mistake? Yes, I overcooked it into the corner. I got loose," Logano said during an episode of his Sirius show Behind the Wheel With Joey Logano. "Was it on purpose? Obviously not. I was out of control into the corner. I did not clean my tires off good enough and got to the point where I sent it in there too hard and I had the slide for life going and tagged him in the left rear."

"Should he be mad at me? Yes. Yes, he should be. It was a mistake. It wasn't on purpose, but I did wreck him. Thankfully, he got back up there. Made it a little better. Am I sorry? Yes, I am. Am I two-faced? Yes, I am. Do I think anything's wrong with that? No, I don't."

"That's where I'm at with it guys. I've said this a million times on this show. I've said it throughout my career. I've heard Kyle say it before that I'm two-faced and that's fine. I have a switch that I flip when it is time to go racing, I am out there to win and yes, I have to do what I got to do to win. I made a mistake. I didn't want to do that."

"But I'm still going to be an intense racer no matter what. Luckily, I know how to shut that off to where, when I get out of the race car, in Kyle's words, I'm not a complete a-hole all the time. That's better than being an a-hole 100% of the time. At least it's only when I'm in the race car."

Well, I don't know about you, but I think if Kyle wasn't going to be getting revenge on Joey before, he definitely will now. Insinuating that Busch is "an a-hole 100% of the time?" That just made things personal. Then again, Busch probably takes most things personally anyway. Still, expect him to be taking Logano out sooner rather than later.

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