Kyle Busch surprises a fan at a mall, and she nearly passes out


Imagine just hanging out at the mall and out of nowhere, you're favorite NASCAR driver taps you on the shoulder.

That's exactly what happened to one unsuspecting woman as Kyle Busch approached the fan wearing a No. 18 jacket.

The woman turned around after he tapped her shoulder and she was absolutely speechless for a moment, as she fell backwards into her companion. Once she regained her composure she reached out to give Busch a hug, followed by a few "Oh my God's." He then offered to sign her jacket.

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Busch has been known to surprise fans when he sees them wearing gear featuring him or the No. 18. Last year he was in traffic and pulled alongside a car. The passenger in the car was wearing a Kyle Busch hat. He honked and waved, but the fan didn't pay much attention. He then rolled down his window and said something to her and she began to freak out in excitement.

He then asked her to pass over her hat, he signed it, then passed it back.

People can say what they want about Busch, but when it comes to his fans, he's by far one of the best. A true class-act!