Martin Truex Jr.'s girlfriend slaps down a Twitter hater in the best way possible


If you know anything about Martin Truex Jr., it's the strong bond he has with his long-time girlfriend Sherry Pollex, or as he calls her, his life partner.

Truex and Pollex have been together since 2005, and as an outsider looking in, it's hard not to recognize the amazing bond shared by the two of them.

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While they may not be married, they seem to have a truly wonderful relationship. Whether it's battling her fight against ovarian cancer together, or celebrating his first championship, the two stick together, through thick and thin.


Which makes it rather surprising, that some troll took to Twitter, in an attempt to throw shade at Truex for refering to Pollex as his "life partner" therefore doubting his level of commitment.

But, Pollex had her man's back as she put the hater on blast.

An outpouring of fan support follwed Pollex's tweet.

While it may not the commitment in the traditional sense, what in today's world is? One thing that's hard to deny, is the level of commitment the two have for each other.