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A major player in NASCAR fantasy is bowing out next season


Racing fans hoping to play NASCAR fantasy in 2018 will need to look somewhere other than Yahoo next season.

A Reddit user discovered a message from Yahoo Sports on its Fantasy Auto Racing page where they thank users for playing in 2017, and underneath it says that it won't be offering the feature next year.

"Thank you for your participation this year and congratulations to all the winners.

"We will not be offering Fantasy Auto Racing in 2018. We thank you very much for playing our game over the years and hope you will continue to play our other fantasy games."


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There are other platforms fans can use for fantasy, including FOX and on NASCAR's own format.

But Yahoo has been a popular platform for NASCAR fantasy, and it's a bit surprising to see the site discontinue its fantasy.

Perhaps there's been a lack of interest in NASCAR fantasy that's correlated with the sport's decrease in ratings and attendance. There could be a demand for it in the future, but fans will have to look somewhere else next year.