Daniel Suarez and Alex Bowman.
Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images (left), Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images (right)

Alex Bowman and Daniel Suarez Unhappy With Each Other Following Southern 500 Incident

Sunday's Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway had plenty of drama, none bigger than what transpired between Alex Bowman and Daniel Suarez.

Sunday's Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway had plenty of drama, from playoff drivers having problems to the interior lights in Turns 3 and 4 not working. That, however, wasn't the biggest controversy coming out of the race.

Alex Bowman and Daniel Suarez found themselves battling for position well inside the top 10 late in the final stage of the race. But a great night for both ended when the two made contact after Bowman threw two blocks. The first was a typical move and not usually a problem.

The incident between the drivers grew bigger after Bowman seemed to throw a second block, and Suarez wasn't too thrilled with it — and the two ended up crashing. Their crash also involved Harrison Burton, who was but an innocent bystander.

Both Bowman and Suarez had very different viewpoints about what happened, and it seems both aren't too thrilled with each other.

Suarez told Sportsnaut's Matt Weaver his side of the story, saying that Bowman needs to be smarter about how he races especially in that type of situation.

"You can block once and it's OK. We give and take. I could have easily put him into the inside wall. I didn't do that because I'm not like that. But when I went to the outside, he blocked me again. I wasn't going to lift a second time," Suarez said. "I gave him a break once, I won't give him a break twice. So like, he has to be smarter. He's smarter than that. I don't know. He has five minutes of being a dummy, and he used it tonight I guess."

As for Bowman, he had a very different viewpoint. In an interview with Kim Coon from NBC Sports, he was pretty clear about how he views Suarez and his team.

"Obviously, it didn't work, so he chose not to lift and to crash us. But every time I race the No. 99, he does something dumb," Bowman said. "Whether it's his crew chief flipping me off on the way to the airport, or just anytime I'm around him, he blocks me really aggressively. So that's just part of it sometimes, and obviously, the block didn't work out. Looking back, I shouldn't have done it."

Neither of the drivers is in the playoffs, but it sure will be a storyline to keep an eye on for the rest of the season. Both are capable drivers, so it is very likely the two could have another run-in on the track this season.

One thing is for sure: Neither driver is too fond of the other right now.

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