Dale Earnhardt Jr. pitches a change to keep a track from losing its NASCAR race


Atlanta Motor Speedway hasn't been repaved in over two decades, but a repave is inevitable for the track. Once that happens, Dale Earnhardt Jr. would like to see the track reverted back to its original reconfiguration.

AMS had its reconfiguration redone in 1997, and the new layout added more speed to the track. But Earnhardt and other fans still prefer the old layout, and Earnhardt asked track president Marcus Smith if a change could happen in the near future.

Smith said he would check into it and see if it's possible in the future.

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Smith also asked if the track should be repaved now or at a later time.

Earnhardt is concerned about the number of empty seats in the stands for last weekend's race at Atlanta, and he thinks the reconfiguration would help attract more fans to the race. He's concerned that the track could lose its Cup Series race if it continues to lose interest among fans.

To be fair, rain probably had a lot to do with fans staying home and watching on TV. But his suggestion is worth taking into consideration if it would make races more entertaining.

While the repave is inevitable, Earnhardt might have to wait a while longer for a reconfiguration of Atlanta Motor Speedway.