Denny Hamlin speaks to reporters.
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Joe Gibbs Speaks on Contract Negotiations With Denny Hamlin

Joe Gibbs was candid about his contract negotiations with Denny Hamlin, saying he wants him to retire there.

The 2023 NASCAR season is dwindling down, as the series heads into the final 10 races. Denny Hamlin and Joe Gibbs Racing continue to have ongoing contract talks, but they still do not have a signed contract for 2024.

Team owner Joe Gibbs made an appearance on Sirius XM NASCAR Radio this week to address where the talks stand, among other things about how the season has gone for his four-car team.

JGR has three teams in the running for the 2023 championship including Hamlin, but these ongoing contract talks could be a distraction as Hamlin is still seeking his first Cup championship.

According to Gibbs, the talks are going well, and they should have something to announce very soon.

"My hope is we are kind of moving forward, with all of that," Gibbs said. "Hopefully there's gonna be something to announce here real quick."

Hamlin has spent his entire cup career, which includes 50 wins, with JGR. He and Gibbs both want the driver of the No. 11 to stay at JGR and run the rest of his career with the team.

"We want Denny here. It has been 17 years, and he helped us build our race team along with all those other guys that have helped us over the years from a drivers standpoint," Gibbs said. "But we would love for him to go his entire career and retire here."

JGR has seen a number of changes since 2006 when Hamlin first became the driver of the No. 11. It would be plain odd for him not to be the driver of that car.

However, he has plenty of other things to think about besides his own racing, as his race team 23XI Racing seems to be playing a role in the delay of a new contract with JGR.

The time is running out, and whether Gibbs and Hamlin both say they are closing in on a new deal, they don't have one and even if they do, it isn't signed.

Having talks is great, but if he is going to be back with Gibbs next season, why not get this out of the way, especially since he is a legitimate contender for the 2023 championship? Not having the contract done only puts more pressure on Hamlin, who has been in contention for championships throughout his career only to choke at the end of the season.

This just seems like a very bizarre situation that is going to continue to be a talking point across the sport.

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