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Denny Hamlin Slams His Own Team's Pit Crew

NASCAR driver and 23XI Racing co-owner Denny Hamlin isn't pleased with the team's recent pit crew struggles.

Tyler Reddick wasn't the only person unhappy about his pit crew's costly tire change mistake at Michigan International Speedway, which cost him a shot at a win a couple of weeks back, as Denny Hamlin has also opened up about the team's issues.

Hamlin, co-owner of 23XI Racing, recently addressed the struggles of the team's pit crews, which have not only cost Reddick possible wins this season but have also hindered Bubba Wallace in his fight to make the playoffs as well.

Reddick was furious after the race at Michigan and let his team hear it, pointing out that it is unacceptable for that kind of mistake to be happening. With only a couple of races left until the playoffs, pit road mistakes can make or break your season.

Denny Hamlin Sounds Off on Pit Crew Issues

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - AUGUST 13: NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin (11) does a pit stop during the NASCAR Cup Series Verizon 200 at the Brickyard on August 13, 2023, at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Hamlin had plenty to say prior to the Verizon 200 at Indianapolis about the team's pit road issues. He voiced his own frustration with NBC Sports' Dustin Long.

"I mean, it's frustrating from my standpoint because I live through it myself," Hamlin said. "And so, I know what Tyler is going through and the emotion you have — and Bubba, too. It's free spots to the competition."

Since becoming part-owner of 23XI with Michael Jordan, Hamlin has had plenty more to deal with on a daily basis. And he understands that with a new team, building the crews around it takes time to perfect everything.

"So, it is a process. I mean, it's going to take years. I can't emphasize how much time it takes. But ownership has bought into the fact of investing in our pit crews into the future and what we need to do to make it better."

It is not a lack of effort by the team's crews, as they have had some quick pit stop times this season. Yet both the No. 23 and No. 45 teams have made mistakes on pit road that have cost Wallace and Reddick good finishes.

It has been frustrating for all involved, but it's not as if they will be able to make major changes with only two races left until the playoffs start. Those are the growing pains of a team only in its third year of existence.

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