Denny Hamlin celebrates a victory.
Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

Denny Hamlin Trash Talks Booing Crowd Following Bristol Win

Denny Hamlin didn't mince words after a win at Bristol Motor Speedway, where he was met with boos after a victory.

Denny Hamlin has made a name for himself in NASCAR by not only winning races but also by running his mouth. That was no different on Saturday night at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Hamlin was able to capture his 51st career Cup win, in the 500-lap event. That isn't even the biggest story from Hamlin from this weekend, however, as he had something to say to the fans.

Hamlin has become public enemy No. 1 among NASCAR fans, as he was cascaded by boos while being interviewed after climbing from his car after winning the race.

Hamlin seems to be thriving even with all the boos and hate from the crowd, and he used his post-victory interview on the front stretch of the Bristol track to trash talk the fans a little bit.

"Everybody likes a winner, right?" Hamlin jokingly asked NBC's Marty Snider. "Can't thank this whole FedEx team enough, they've really kicked ass this whole first round. Just amazing how good our team has been. I'm just so happy about the way we're going and can't wait to keep going."

Hamlin looks and sounds like the perfect heel, for NASCAR right now, and he is using that to his advantage, and he might be right where he needs to be to finally win that elusive championship.

And for all those fans who boo, Hamlin had a simple message.

"I beat your favorite driver," Hamlin said.

Snider then asked to which driver he was referring, and Hamlin responded with a great response:

"All of 'em," Hamlin said.

Shots fired, it seems. You can sure talk the talk, Hamlin, but can you walk the walk? The final seven races of the 2023 season will be must-see TV, especially if Hamlin keeps throwing shade at fans.

Trash-talking the fans doesn't seem like a very logical idea, especially for someone who acts like he's the best driver to ever race. Reality check: you aren't, and until you actually win a championship, you probably should stop running your mouth.

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