Austin Dillon Daytona 500

NASCAR’s Daytona 500 winner celebrated with a questionable decision


Austin Dillon only led one lap of the Daytona 500, but it was the only lap that mattered. Dillon received a big push from eventual second place finisher Bubba Wallace, and when leader Aric Almirola tried to block, he crashed out, leaving Dillon in position to take home the win.

It was only Almirola's second cup series win, and easily the biggest of his career. So naturally, he went big with his celebration. He may have gotten a bit carried away, though. According to USAToday, Dillon went out with his friends and got a tattoo commemorating the victory... on his butt.

"Yeah, I got a tattoo last night. It says Daytona 500 champ on it," Dillon said at the Daytona 500 Championship Breakfast. "It's pretty cool. And you'll never be able to see it either. Whitney (his wife) is probably the only one who's going to see it for a while."

The 27 year old driver wasn't the only member of the team to take the plunge, however, as Dillon said, "Actually a lot of guys got tattoos last night. Everyone was lined up. It was pretty cool."


Crew chief Justin Alexander avoided any potentially embarrassing ink this time, but promised he would join the fun if the team wins the championship. Now that Dillon is automatically qualified for the playoffs, he is one step closer to making that happen.

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