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TV Host Heather Storm Is All About Classic Cars and Awesome Adventures


It was sad news to hear that Heather Storm would no longer be a co-host on the Velocity Network TV show Garage Squad for the sixth season. Her bubbly and charismatic personality mixed with her can-do attitude made her a perfect addition to the crew. Throughout the TV series, she definitely proved that she wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty, but in the words of Heather, "all good things must come to and end, eventually."

Now, since some time has passed, and Garage Squad has finished up its seventh season, you might be curious what Storm has been up to recently. She left the show to pursue other projects, and that shouldn't surprise people all that much. She's an extremely adventurous individual who doesn't like to stay put for too long. Let's learn a little bit more about Heather Storm, and check out what the Motor Trend TV host pursed after the popular car show.

Who Is Heather Storm?

While Heather was raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, when she was 12 years old, her family moved away from the big city for the first time to a small town in Montana. It was a big change, but Heather had to adapt quickly to the new lifestyle. She credits her father and these experiences growing up to helping develop her independence as a young girl.


She eventually became fond of camping and hiking, and gained a love for nature in general. After graduating from Oregon State with a degree in Environmental Science, she made the move to working in Puerto Rico on sustainable tourism initiatives. Talk about a fun job! Although she loved her time there, Heather eventually got the itch for more, so she decided to move to Los Angeles for a new career in entertainment.

Even though she stayed busy with classes and auditions, she needed a way to make money, and she certainly found out how. She worked as a fitness trainer, model, brand ambassador, luxury spirit portfolio manager, and even became the co-founder of Black Lab, a boutique event company. Keep in mind these were just her jobs to get by. Meanwhile, she was also working her way up in the entertainment industry.

What's Heather Doing Today?

There's no doubt that Storm has stayed busy since leaving Garage Squad. Today, Heather, who has an estimated net worth of $1.7 million, has appeared in over 50 national commercials. The television personality even went out and started her own show, becoming the writer and producer of the travel series Drive Yourself Local, where she explores all over America in her 1965 Mustang enjoying a variety of local cultures.


Additionally, Heather has hosted the EDM cocktail series The Mixdown on Complex TV. She also was a reporter and interviewed tons of MMA legends along the way for My Combat Channel, and she co-hosts a podcast called Man Seeks Adventure. On top of all of it, Storm has her own lifestyle blog called On the Road, where she updates her fans with writing that describes her adventurous experiences along the way.

Perhaps the best way to stay up to date with exactly what Heather Storm's currently working on would be to follow her on social media. She's very active on her Instagram page, and it looks like she's still out there living the dream, road-tripping her classic car even through the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it's the best food, booze, or cars, we can't wait to see what Heather stumbles upon next!

This post was originally published on August 26, 2020.

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