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Richard Childress Gets Real About What Makes Kyle Busch Different Than Other NASCAR Drivers

Aside from winning the Daytona 500, Kyle Busch has pretty much done all you can do in the NASCAR Cup Series. And, even at 37 years old, the two-time Cup Series champion is looking to accomplish even more as he is about to begin his first season with Richard Childress Racing after a wildly successful stint with Joe Gibbs Racing.

In January, Busch was one of the three drivers to participate in the Goodyear tire test at Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas, which also gave him some much-needed practice time behind the wheel of the No. 8 Chevy (he was a longtime Toyota driver at JGR). In the weeks following the test, Busch has the attitude of a man on a mission, portraying confidence and excitement over his next chapter in NASCAR. Based on attitude alone, you'd think he was a lock for the 2023 Cup title. So, what makes Busch hungry to keep chasing wins at an age when most drivers are planning their retirement? RCR owner Richard Childress appears to have the answer.

"I think one of the things about Kyle each time I've talked to him, (he says) 'Man, I can't wait to go have some fun. 'Man, I had some fun down there at COTA. I can't wait until we go test and have some fun,'" Childress told RACER. "I've asked a couple of drivers, why did you get into racing to start with? Well, to go out and have some fun and enjoy it."

"So many drivers, I think, today have forgotten why they got into racing, but Kyle Busch hasn't. He still is a racer. He loves to race, and it is fun to him to go out and race and win."

Busch's new teammates will include Cup driver Austin Dillon, who has the distinction of being Richard Childress' grandson, as well as Xfinity Series drivers Sheldon Creed and Austin Hill. While chasing his own accolades this year, Busch will also be in the special position to serve as a mentor to RCR's younger talent.

"Kyle will bring a lot of experience and knowledge," Childress continued. "I think he'll help Austin (Dillon) a lot in his career. I think he can help our whole organization from a standpoint of what we need to do better and go faster. That's what we're looking forward to with him."

"I think he's going to fit in with this group of guys as good as anybody," Childress said. "Just watching his interaction with the guys and interactions I've had with him, everyone is excited about it. I know he's excited. The tests have been good. They went to COTA and won a little sports car race down there. To have him go out and win a race right off with Austin (Dillon) and Sheldon (Creed) was a pretty neat deal. I was down there for that and just watching how he gets in there and works with everybody. He's a racer, he wants to win and that's what I love."

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