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10 Things You Need to Know About Samantha Busch

Kyle Busch, who drives the No. 18 Toyota for Joe Gibbs Racing, has had a number of impressive achievements and memorable moments during his lengthy career as a NASCAR driver, but he'd probably tell you that one of the best days of his life was December 31, 2010. That was the day he married Samantha.

Samantha Busch may not be in the spotlight as much as her husband is, but she's more than simply Kyle Busch's wife. Here, we'll look at just 10 things you should probably know about Samantha Busch.

1). Born Samantha Sarcinella, she is a native of St. John, Indiana, though the Busch family currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

2). She graduated from Purdue University with a psychology degree, and later got her Master's degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

3). Samantha Busch is a fashion and fitness blogger, which she started as a creative outlet while she was on the road with Kyle. When she's not sharing her style, health, or beauty tips on her lifestyle blog, Samantha also runs her own clothing line called Murph Boutique.

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4). Samantha co-founded the Kyle & Samantha Busch Bundle of Joy Fund with her husband. The organization provides a number of important services for children in need, such as covering expenses for child cancer patients and giving gifts to children for the holidays.

5). On May 18, 2015, Samantha gave birth to Brexton Locke Busch, who was born via in vitro fertilization. Over the years, Samantha and Kyle have been very open about their personal experiences, particularly as they relate to their fertility struggles and IVF journey.

6). In November 2018, mere weeks after sharing the news that she and Kyle would be having a baby girl via IVF treatments, Samantha tragically suffered a miscarriage.
Moments after hearing the news, Samantha and Kyle walked the red carpet at the NASCAR Awards, as she kept the miscarriage a secret until finally posting a heartbreaking and emotional video on Twitter.

7). Samantha Busch is a strong believer that health insurance should cover infertility. It's personal for the Busch family, as insurance didn't cover the $24,000 IVF treatments that helped them conceive Brexton. The Bundle of Joy Fund has also been extremely instrumental in helping to raise money for families in similar situations who aren't fortunate enough to afford treatments.

8). Known for her extremely active social media presence, Samantha Busch is not afraid to get into the mix on Twitter — especially during Kyles races.

"It's funny — I call it my 'mommy time' because I have pretty much three-and-a-half hours where the world is blocked out for me," she said in an interview with For the Win. "So I've got my earphones in, and I'm listening to Kyle. And then on my phone, I'm constantly giving the fans updates and live pictures."

9). Samantha Busch was the star of the CMT reality show Racing Wives, which also starred Ashley Busch (the wife of Kyle's older brother Kurt Busch), Whitney Ward Dillon, Mariel Lane, and aspiring NASCAR driver Amber Balcaen.

10). Samantha works very closely with the Kyle Busch Motorsports racing team, handling many of the day-to-day issues, staying heavily involved with the retail division, and keeping a close watch over the team's digital presence.

This post was originally published on October 23, 2019.

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