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Tony Stewart Gives Jeff Gordon a Tour of His Crazy Car Collection

Take a gander as Tony Stewart takes Jeff Gordon on a tour of some wicked rides in his car collection. These aren't just your average cars, either. He's got some seriously iconic race cars in his fleet, and he takes the video camera along to show everyone just how epic it really is.

We're talking everything from stock cars to sprint cars to Indy cars. He's even got some old school classics and muscle cars stuffed away in there. Not only do you get to see what's in his garage, but you also get to listen along as Stewart talks about some of the memories behind a handful of them. He's definitely got some interesting stories of how they started their life, and how they ended up in his collection.

You know, when you see cars in bubbles, it's a good sign that they're extremely valuable. Well, Stewart has 10 of them parked on the racks, and he explains just how rare they actually are. I was quite surprised to see some custom choppers as well, although Stewart explained that he doesn't ride them often, because the insurance companies are not a big fan. Cars aside, the memorabilia and car parts that he has decorated around the warehouse alone is enough to keep you entertained for hours. It's basically any gearhead's dream come true.

Even though Tony Stewart has had quite a long and successful racing career, it's still pretty mind blowing to see all the cool stuff that he's accumulated over the years. It's awesome to look back on the history of these race cars, and even better when you have a guy like Stewart explaining the little details about them. One thing is for sure: If he decides to add any more to the collection, he's going to need to consider buying a bigger warehouse.

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