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Tony Stewart Shows Off His Impressive Helmet Collection

Tony Stewart has been around the sport of racing for a long time now, so it should be no surprise that he's accumulated a whole lot of memorabilia along the way. Most people have some kind of collection, but I have to admit, Stewart's helmet collection is absolutely incredible. Not only does it include NASCAR helmets, but he also has IndyCar, midget car, drag racing, Formula One, and even motorcycle racing helmets, among many others.

This room in Stewart's house has enough to keep a person entertained for hours on end. As you start watching, try your best not to get sucked in by the bowling alley or the Indy car that's mounted on the wall (we know it's tough), and focus on the really cool helmets in this collection. Throughout the video, Stewart and memorabilia expert Darren Jack dive into details on a large number of Stewart's helmets, and some of the stories behind the helmets are pretty fascinating. Though, if anyone has some interesting racing stories, it's definitely Tony Stewart.

You may even recognize the unique designs on some of the helmets from when they were used in the past. Each one of the helmets brings up an amazing piece of racing history, allowing both Stewart and Jack to do a decent amount of reminiscing. When they look at some of the older helmets compared to the newer styles, the difference in safety standards becomes very apparent. Hell, at one point you didn't even have to wear a full-face helmet.

With over 40 years in racing (counting his childhood go-karting days), Stewart has incredible stories that any racing fan can appreciate. While I'm sure that he enjoys looking at his helmets and other memorabilia anytime he can, I bet it's even more fun for him to have the chance to talk to someone else in detail about where they came from. This looks like a dreamland if you're a motorsports fanatic, and luckily this video brought viewers along for the tour to see this amazing collection.

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