josh williams with wife trazia rae in front of stock car at atlanta motor speedway
Instagram: Josh Williams

Controversial NASCAR Driver Josh Williams Is Married to a Super Successful TikTok Influencer

Josh Williams found himself on the wrong end of the NASCAR news cycle this past week when, at the March 18 race at Atlanta Motor Speedway, the Xfinity Series driver parked his car at the track's start-finish line despite being instructed by officials to head to the garage after wrecking his car and bringing out a caution. As a result of Williams' disobedience, NASCAR eventually slapped him with a one-week suspension.

Williams has actually had a number of supporters in the aftermath of his headline-grabbing move at Atlanta. Chief among them? His wife, Trazia Rae.

Now, Trazia is more than a racing wife who watches Josh compete at the racetrack every weekend. In fact, with two million followers on TikTok, she's even more famous than her NASCAR driver husband (who she's been with since junior high, by the way). So, just how did Trazia become such a huge influencer? Let's take a look!

Getting to Know Trazia Rae

Trazia has been cooking for most of her life, but it wasn't until recently that she blew up on social media. In an interview with Canvas Rebel, Rae said that she had been working in the food and beverage industry for 13 years when COVID-19 hit back in 2020. Just like everyone else in the service industry, Rae's hours were significantly cut during the pandemic. Still, Rae needed something to do with all her extra time, so at the urging of a friend (she was hesitant at first), she started a TikTok account to promote her cooking videos. As luck would have it, Rae's first video went viral, and since then, she's accumulated over two million followers.

Want to learn how to cook a steak like Gordon Ramsay using an air fryer? Trazia's got you covered. Looking for an easier way to peel garlic? Trazia can show you how. Trazia can even teach you how to make buckeyes from scratch (hey, even if you're a Michigan fan, they still taste pretty good). While Rae primarily focuses on cooking in her videos, she also treats viewers to some of her other hobbies, including gardening and DIY. Oh, and she also has goats. She has goats, people!

Rae, who also owns a company with her husband that prepares foreclosed homes for auction, has worked with a number of major food brands over the years, including SharkNinja, Oreo, Keurig, and Hellman's. But, from a business and promotional aspect, things really took off for Rae in 2022. Last April, she launched "Trackside with Trazia!", a video series that featured her and Josh traveling to different NASCAR tracks to share cooking tips and recipes. About a week later, Rae partnered with Hamptons Farms, which claims to be the No. 1 brand of in-shell peanuts in the United States.

It's clearly been a long and exciting journey for Trazia and Josh, both in the world of NASCAR and TikTok influencing. Who knows what else the future holds for the happy couple?

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